The Trip To Albuquerque.

Did you hear about last summer? asked Fenni at the lunch table, while surrounded by 4 other cats. She just took off one night. She was in Albuquerque with her family and met two toms in the parking lot outside their hotel. A quiet gasp shot out from around the table. She was slumming it's said Fenni, and the other cats let a furious laugh out, getting the attention from the other animals in the cafeteria. Sssshhhh!!!! said Ollie, she's coming. Just then, a medium build tortoise shell feline started walking through the cafeteria. She paid know attention to the whispering cats as she strode by them like the queen she thought she was. She knew they were talking about her and her exploits that happen only a month ago. She was not ashamed of what she did, but had one regret, losing the love of her young life. She thought back to the cool, clear night in Albuquerque and in that moment was Alejandro and Phillipe. They treated her just like the queen she knew she was and stayed with them in that parking lot until the sun came. They ate and drank and ran around chasing critters in the unknown concrete jungle. She knew, though, that this was a one night thing. So when she got to Arizona, she tried to lie about what happened on her family's vacation. When she finally met with her boyfriend, word had already spread like wildfire, thanks to her adopted sister Lits. She was always a spiteful cat that wanted their humans all to herself. She was blindsided by her boyfriend Whitey. She tried to lie at first, then tried to play it off as nothing, and when that didn't work she blamed him for not giving her enough attention. Whitey looked hurt, and tried not to show it, but she knew it. That hurt then turned into anger and that's when she knew she blew it. He ended their relationship. That's how she knows all the other cats are whispering about her, because she knows he told everyone. She didn't want anyone to know, but it ruined her reputation. She went from homecoming queen to having only a couple friends. The worst part is that Alejandro and Phillipe won't even return her calls. Now he knows she's all alone and it is her fault.